The Cleveland media once again trying to diminish a Cleveland team that isn't the Browns  
Opinion by Tim Shirer
Does the Cleveland media always have to diminish everything the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Guardians do? The latest thing is this, “This is the first playoff appearance the Cavs had had since 1998 without LeBron James.” Putting fourth two narratives, 1) that the franchise stinks overall and 2) That LeBron James was so good and nobody else mattered therefore the championship he won here doesn’t really count because he was on the team.

So, I’m here to put the Cleveland media who enjoys nothing more than propping up the pathetic Browns franchise and taking every single opportunity to cut down the Cavs and Guardians every chance they get even if it isn’t justified.

If we are going to say a franchise is only good because of one or two players then how about this Browns fawning Cleveland media. It’s been 68 years since the Browns won a championship without Jim Brown, that’s pathetic. How about this, if you take Otto Graham out of the equation also the pathetic franchise called the Cleveland Browns have never won a thing. What a joke of an organization they are.

The Cavaliers have had five great periods in their history, the fifth is happening right now. The first was “The Miracle of Richfield” team with Austin Carr, Jim Chones, Camp Russell and Bingo Smith with coach Bill Fitch that lasted from 1975-78. The second era was the “Lenny Wilkens, Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, Hot Rod Williams” teams that extended through Mike Fratello as the head coach. This period lasted from 1986 to 1998, it was a great era. Then the LeBron Era Part 1 began when he was drafted in 2003 and it lasted until 2010 when he left and went to Miami. Then his return that spanned from 2014 to 2018 which gave the city a championship, which really drives the Browns lovers nuts and they do everything they can to diminish it because of their outright disgusting jealousy of a franchise that in every single way from top to bottom is better than the dumpster fire located in Berea.

The Cleveland media aren’t alone in these false narratives. The national media has been playing the “first playoff appearance without LeBron James” also. I ask the national media, how many championships have your “historically great New York Knicks” won in the past 46 years without Walt “Clyde” Frazier? Exactly ZERO. That’s an historically great franchise that has only won two titles in 77 years and hasn’t won one in 50 years? Yeah, I don’t think so. Also, how about your beloved Chicago Bulls. How many finals have they been to in their 57-year history without Michael Jordan? That’s right ZERO!!! A big fat ZERO! They have never even been to a Finals without Jordan.

It's really pathetic the false narratives that the national media comes up with. But it’s even worse that the Cleveland media can’t see through their Brown and orange color glasses and recognize by leaps and bounds how much better franchises the Cavs and Guardians are. They know it, but they don’t want to admit it because then they wouldn’t be able to talk about the Berea dumpster fire 24/7/365.
Recently there was a poll done by one of the local radio stations asking which Cleveland sport topic is talked about to much. Overwhelming the responses by Cleveland fans said, “the Browns”.

The “first playoff appearance since 1998 without LeBron James” is just another example of the Cleveland media attempting to diminish a franchise that is not the Browns. Cleveland sports fans who feel like I do about this obvious and disgusting bias can do something about it. Stop watching and listening to these people on TV and the radio. Stop clicking on the mindless articles like, “Brown sign a fifth string long snapper today, the team is now a Super Bowl contender.” You are smarter than this. Ignore these people, wake up and recognize the two teams in Cleveland that are great, and they are called the Guardians and the playoff bound Cavaliers.

One last thing since we are talking about playoffs, which team in Cleveland has the longest current playoff drought? That’s right, the Cleveland Browns. They are still trying to make their first playoff appearance without Andrew Sandejo. or Follow Tim on Twitter @TBBucsTim or SportsSentinel
​POSTED 03/27/2022 23:29
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