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Local Boy Makes Bad – Cleveland’s Issa Brings Shame to GOP
Opinion by Larry Durstin

The images seen all over television and the Internet last week were startling but shouldn’t have been surprising – especially to those who have followed the career of Darrel Issa since his days growing up in Cleveland Heights in the 1960s and 1970s.

Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was seen abruptly adjourning his congressional hearing, glowering at the ranking minority member Elijah Cummings and essentially telling him to shut up. The California Republican gave the throat-slitting gesture to his staff as Cummings was reading his statement, then personally reached over and turned Cummings’ microphone off before finally walking away from the meeting as Cummings indignantly continued speaking.

The backdrop for this nearly unprecedented behavior by a committee chairman was Issa’s ridiculous “investigation” into the so-called IRS “scandal,” in which he asserted that the tax status of conservative groups was being targeted at the direction of the Obama administration.  Click here for the whole story

Kasich is Good Bet for 2016 Ticket

Opinion by Larry Durstin

A Democratic gubernatorial candidate has not beaten an incumbent Ohio Republican governor in Ohio since the 1950s.  And it’s not going to happen this fall — despite Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald’s grasping-at-straws maneuver of trying to scare off Kasich voters by claiming that the governor will not serve out his term because he plans to run for president in 2016.

First of all, history has shown that the electorate really doesn’t care about this issue (just ask voters in Arkansas in 1990 and Texas in 1998 who were bombarded with similar charges against Bill Clinton and George W, yet elected each by a landslide); and secondly, any talk of Kasich running for president does nothing but elevate his stature, excite those who back him and generate significantly more fundraising – much of it from out of state – for him than he really needs to win this November.  Click here for the whole story

Dog whistles from the extreme political right breed hate, lack of class and lack of morals 
Opinion by Tim Shirer

This past Friday on November 22nd marked one of the saddest days in United States history with the 50thanniversary of President John Kennedy’s assassination.

What struck me greatly while watching all of the programing and reading all of the articles about how people felt after the assassination, they all felt awful and saddened at what had happened that day in Dallas.

Republicans and Democrats mourned the death of Kennedy.  It made me realize that back in 1963 people were more caring, had morals and much more class than we have in the society of 2013.

I feel like if the same event unfolded in Dallas or anywhere today, the reaction would not be the same.  Especially from people on the right.  It’s really pathetic that this thought would even enter my mind.  But it has and I’m not the only one who thinks this way.  Click here for the whole story


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