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Matt Brown movie reviews
"Moonrise Kingdom"

Hey Hey there movie goers, I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom.  It starred Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman and was directed by Wes Anderson.  I thought the story was about the adults in the film but it centered more around the youth and their adventure and love story.   I have to say it was fantastic.  It was a strong film in every way.

Wes Anderson films have a certain flavor to them and this one was no different.  It had Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman(I wish there had been more Schwartzman as he is my favorite part of Wes Anderson movies), and it also had that vintage feeling and dry humor his movies always have.  The story, script and plot were all top notch.  He really pulled a lot out of the children; their performance may have outpaced the adults in the film who also did a great job.  The music was wonderful, by Mark Mothersbaugh, and fit the film perfectly.

Visually it was great as most Wes Anderson's movies tend to be.  The aesthetic he set up in this movie was wonderful.  From the houses and cars he used to the wardrobe people wore it really set the time period.  He got some really great scenic shots of nature and in both sets and and outdoors the way he moves the camera really makes the scenes feel more organic, Anderson really knows how to makes his scenes feel alive.

If you are a Wes Anderson film fan this is a must see full price movie.  Though, I really think this movie has broad appeal everyone: women, men, young and old.  Basically, if you enjoy a really good movie and do not need a special FX or action to drive a film would be very pleased to pay $5 or matinee for this movie.. or follow us on Twitter @LCSEntertainmnt 
POSTED 07/10/2012 16:03
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