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If you hate your job in the sports world, then just get out 
Opinion by Timothy W. Shirer 

On Friday I will turn 45 years old.  I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life.  Some of them having to do with sports, but most have had nothing to do with sports at all.

The greatest upper and continues to be the greatest thing in my life was the birth of my son on July 30th 2001.  He continues to be the greatest and most important thing in my life.  Everyday seeing him grow and develop into a good person, is the greatest thing I could ever experience in my life.  I used to think things having to do with sports were the greatest things that could happen in my life.  I now know that isn’t true.  Sport’s is still very important to me though.

That brings me to the real point of this column today.  I like sports.  I truly enjoy covering sports.  I have covered the Lake County Captains for 10 years, somewhere around 700 games.  Does anyone reading this article really believe that all of those games have been exciting and well played?  If you do, then you don’t know a lot about minor league baseball.  But never one time in ten years covering the Captains has anyone heard me say I didn’t want to be there covering a game.  I don’t have to cover the Captains I can find another writer to do it.  But I also think it is a privilege to cover the Captains.  I get to watch baseball 70 times a year and then I get to tell people what I saw.  How could any journalist who likes baseball not think that is a great gig?  One thing I know for sure the Captains are not beneath me.

In my opinion baseball is the greatest game in the world.  If you cover baseball and you hate it or you think the team you’re covering is beneath you or further more you want games to end at a certain time, why do you cover it?

If you hate baseball or a team like the Cleveland Indians why do you cover them?  Maybe it would be best if you found a job that suite’s you better maybe for a team that isn’t beneath you and doesn’t waste your time.

I could never understand this thinking by a journalist or anyone involved in sports at any level.  Especially a journalist complaining is just absurd.   First off the journalist who thinks they are above the sport or the team that they are covering obviously aren’t even good enough to be a pro athlete because they are covering the team and not playing one it.

Also you are not honoring others by your presence in the press box or press row.  YOU should be honored that you are there to cover the event that you have been asked to do this job writing or talking about a sporting event and getting paid for it on top of it.

Just because you have covered a sport for a long time doesn’t make you one bit better than the young man or woman who is there to cover their first game.  In fact it is your job as a human being to pass on what you have learned and share the experiences that you have had.  If you think differently than this maybe it’s time to move on to a new profession.

I don’t think , no actually I know I have never in ten years of covering the Captains complained when a game was delayed by rain or went into extra innings.  There are two reasons I have never complained.  The first reason, I love baseball, I love to watch it, I love everything about the game, even extra innings.  When the Royals and Indians went to extra innings on Saturday night I was absolutely disappointed when the Indians lost.  Not completely because the Tribe lost, but because the game ended I wanted 14 more innings, really I did.  The other reason I don’t complain is because I knew what I was getting into when I signed up for this life covering sports.  I knew there would be ups and there would be downs.

But really, if you complain about covering a team or their games or a losing season, then get out.  Let somebody who would enjoy every minute do it.  Nobody wants a negative person around, I know I don’t, I want positive people around who enjoy what they are doing.

Just remember one thing the next time you feel like you are more important than the sport or team you are covering, they will survive just fine without you there, so just enjoy every minute while you can. or follow Tim on Twitter @TimothyShirer

POSTED 10/01/2012 00:53
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