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Lake County Sentinel
Is it time to reopen the beaches and oceans?
Opinion by Melissa Martin
My Humans are missing beaches. No matter what country or what coastline, people love ocean waves and sunny days. What mysteries abound in salty waters? What induces the desire to stroll along in bare feet? What is that inner yearning about? The magical healing power of majesty. Nature's playground without 
admission tickets. 
Beauty without borders. Connection to the mind, body, spirit.

The pleasure principle is definitely at work whilst we relax and rest under an umbrella with a frosty beverage. Emotions are engulfed in a beach bubble as stress melts away. Leisure for our lungs. The beach is a balm to the body. The cold plunge into the ocean tingles the toes. And for a while, we feel satisfied. The mind is living in the moment. Hustle and bustle are put on hold.  Click here for the whole column
Social media attack on Council candidate by Mayor is an embarrassment
Opinion by Tim Shirer
I understand that millennials in Wickliffe seem to like the Mayor, that is their burden to bear. I made the huge mistake of voting for him when he ran for Mayor a decision which I regret every single day that he holds that office. I understand that people who support him will support the millennial “type” candidate Marty Adams. From what I understand Marty Adams is a really, nice guy. I have heard that from many people. But will he fight for what’s right for the city or will he just be an automatic “yes” vote for the Mayor? I have a feeling it is the second answer and that is terrible for the city.

What we need in a councilman for Ward 2 is a person who is strong and will fight for the citizens who elected him. I know who that man is, and it is Randy Gerhardstein. Randy is a good man, yes, he speaks his mind. Is Randy loud at times, yes, he most definitely is, but that is not always a negative thing. When times get rough a guy like Randy will get things done. I have known Randy since I was eight years old. Randy and I disagree on a lot of things, but we agree almost 100% on local Wickliffe issues and where our city of just over 12,000 needs to go in the future. Randy absolutely does not live in the past as insinuated by the mayor in his lie filled social media post. I hope the rest of the people who love the city and have lived here for decades like I have, have enough sense to support Randy Gerhardstein and do what’s right for the future.  Click here for the whole story