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Lake County Sentinel
The Trump & Pence Circus has filled with lies and Hypocrisy so far
Opinion by Tim Shirer
It’s been a while since I have written a political commentary, but I could no longer hold off concerning the things that have recently transpired in Washington D.C., specifically the White House since January 20.

The environment in the Nation’s Capital is absolutely circus like since Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Things began early with the Trump & Pence Circus. One day after the inauguration when his bully of a press secretary Sean Spicer basically called a press conference and ripped the media apart, taking no question, just insulting journalist after journalist. Great way to start, piss the people off that you must work with for the next four years (there is no way I expect Spicer to hold on to this job for four years).
Then came General Michael Flynn, who lied to the American people and to Vice President Mike Pence. The Flynn resignation and how it transpired sums up the Trump administration perfectly.   Click here for the whole story
Trump's White House aide's comments about John McCain do not surprise me at all
Opinion by Tim Shirer
I want to start this commentary, editorial, opinion piece, which by the rights of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America I have the write to publish.

I haven’t written a commentary in quite a while, since I had mine and my son’s life threatened on social media by Trump Supporters #MAGA as they like to be called. Don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid of those nuts for one second, not one bit. But the stress their hateful platform brings, is something I wanted to do without for a while, that was the reason for the hiatus. But with the events of this week I felt it was time to return to the fray.

Where do I start with my opinion? Well I guess I’ll start with the second worst thing to come out of the White House this week, (The reason what I am about to write about is second, is because President Trump backing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal will affect billions of people worldwide, so that I rank that first as the worst thing to come out of the White House this week.) the horrible, but Trump like comment by White House Special Assistant Kelly Sadler about Arizona Senator and Vietnam War Hero John McCain.  Click here for the whole story