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The Trump & Pence Circus has filled with lies and Hypocrisy so far
Opinion by Tim Shirer
It’s been a while since I have written a political commentary, but I could no longer hold off concerning the things that have recently transpired in Washington D.C., specifically the White House since January 20.

The environment in the Nation’s Capital is absolutely circus like since Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Things began early with the Trump & Pence Circus. One day after the inauguration when his bully of a press secretary Sean Spicer basically called a press conference and ripped the media apart, taking no question, just insulting journalist after journalist. Great way to start, piss the people off that you must work with for the next four years (there is no way I expect Spicer to hold on to this job for four years).
Then came General Michael Flynn, who lied to the American people and to Vice President Mike Pence. The Flynn resignation and how it transpired sums up the Trump administration perfectly. The day after Trump asked Flynn to resign, Trump said, that he asked Flynn to resign because he lied to Pence. Of course, Kellyanne Conway (Oh yea you know Kellyanne, she’s a winner) told a completely different story, saying that Flynn resigned before Trump asked him too. This is an example of one thing or another, or maybe a little of both things. Either Conway, one of Trump’s top advisors, had no clue how the resignation went down or she lied through her teeth on national TV. It must be one of these two things, she can’t have it both way.

Good old Kellyanne, she is the gift to the media that keeps on giving. Not long after not knowing which end was up concerning the Flynn resignation she created even more controversy. Kellyanne attempting to convince America that Trump’s failed Travel Ban was good for the country decided she would make up a fake terror attack. I’m sure you have heard about the horrible (only in Kellyanne and Trump supporter’s minds) Bowling Green Massacre. Kellyanne Conway is a perfect example of the Trump administration and the people who support him. Conway, Trump’s administration and his supporters feel that they can lie at will and then simply say, “I misspoke” or “It’s the media’s fault, they blew it out of proportion”.

Then we got word that Attorney General Jeff Sessions (top law enforcement official in the country) lied to congress about speaking with Russian officials during the presidential campaign. What do we hear from Trump and his supporters? It’s the media’s fault. Yea, that sounds about right, the media forced Sessions to lie. This is a perfect example of Trump’s administration. This case was only one example of Trump contradicting the intelligence community. I’ll ask the following question. How many times in your life before Trump became President do you remember a sitting President ripping the intelligence community and then saying the next day, that they love him and they have a great relationship? Yeah, I know the answer, it’s less than one.

The Sessions story, if it is completely true is very disturbing to me. Not even the fact that Sessions broke the law and lied to congress during his confirmation hearing, but the fact he met with the Russians during the campaign. But the worst part of this whole thing if it is true is that he met with a top Russian spy, who their top spy recruiter. This is ok with Trump supporters as I see them endlessly supporting Sessions. They try and stear the conversation away from Sessions by bringing up Hillary Clinton. No, I’m serious about this, they really do it in nearly every conversation I see. Newsflash for Trump supporters, Hillary is not the issue here, your lying Attorney General is the issue. During the campaign the fact that Trump’s supporter continually brought up that Hillary Clinton was a liar; therefore, they could not vote for her. But now, when the Attorney General appointed by their guy lied to congress, he’s ok. This is called being a hypocrite.
Another example of the hypocrisy of the Trump administration and his supporters in the fact that Mike Pence used his private email when he was governor of Indiana. Of course, they say that Hillary’s email scandal was worse because she had emails with sensitive information. Well guess what Trump supporters who always have an excuse to justify the actions of Trump’s cabinet, the Pence emails had sensitive homeland security info. Still think it’s ok? Of course, you do.

Trump supporters are the kind of people that feel like they can insult and belittle anyone they want too, but if you insult them, their feelings get hurt, maybe they need a safety pin.

Tonight, I was reading a thread on Facebook and it was very typical of a Trump supporter. It was a status about Donald Trump’s unfounded (no proof anywhere) accusations that former President Barack Obama had Trump Plaza bugged during the campaign. Jeff Session’s illegal contact with the Russians then came up in the conversation and predictably the Trump supporter brought Hillary Clinton into the conversation, how predictable. Then this person, who has mixed race children started in on Obama. Saying he should be deported to Syria. Well let’s deport your kids too then. I mean there is absolutely no reason to deport his kids, but hey while were going to deport a former president why not deport his three kids. I mean crap, their mother is not from this country, so therefore they are not American either. I wonder if this guy would think that’s a good idea. Of course, he wouldn’t because Trump supporters can be hateful until it effects one of their own.

Another example comes from two people that I attended high school with. One of them who was a somewhat athletic in high school, he played sports, I did not, I am willing to admit I am not perfect. This guy however was born thinking he was the perfect human being. He’s a guy that constantly criticizes other people and bullied other students when he was in high school. But he was offended recently when I struck back in response to some of his comments. He said it bothered him deeply. Hey how did that feel, once again a Trump supporter who can dish it out (for the last 40+ years) but can’t take it when he is criticized. Another example (the final one I promise) is a guy who I have to admit was nice to me in high school, I don’t remember him being a bully at all. But what I do remember, like me, he was far from perfect. He had some trouble with substances, we’ll just say that. But, this guy now appears to believe he is the prefect human being and I think is some real proof that substances that are illegal can cause you to be a racist. He had no problem saying that Michelle Obama was a “dump truck” compared to Melania Trump. But he did have an issue with me calling him out on Facebook and sharing his hateful status. He didn’t like the fact I brought up some of his past issues. You know it’s ok for him to attack people personally, but God forbid anyone bring up his past. Oh, he was angry. Threatened me in usual Trump form, telling me, “You are lucky I live so far away.” But I’m used to this type of thing. About five years ago, a Sarah Palin supporter threatened to kill me because I criticized Palin. What political party is Palin a part of? Oh yeah, that’s right, typical.

I have one last question for Trump supporters who love their guns and hate former President Obama, because he wanted gun control (At least that’s reason they claim they didn’t like him, wink, wink) When are you going to get your guns back? Oh, wait that scare tactic that Obama was going to take your guns was just that, a scare tactic by the NRA, he never took your guns. Another typical example of the right, dealing in lies and fear.  

The Trump administration is nothing more than a lying circus that will destroy itself, it’s only a matter of time. Let’s hope they act quickly.
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Posted 03/05/2017 00:01