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Picking Up the Pieces from the World Series and Moving On
It’s been almost two weeks now since the Chicago Cubs overcame the Indians 3-1 World Series lead. It still hurts to type that, even though I’m now just getting around to putting some thoughts into words from that loss, mostly because of life and not wanting to do it right after. Life getting in the way is a good thing, because I certainly needed a break from baseball after the loss but now I’ll try to cover every thought in that series. Click here for the whole story
The Toronto Blue Jays offseason is going prove the Indians Dolans are not cheap
Opinion by Tim Shirer
Obviously, the Cleveland Indians season isn't over yet, far from it with the World Series starting next Tuesday. But the Toronto Blue Jays season is over and now the offseason for them begins. But the Blue Jays offseason should be closely watched by Indians fans or should I say those people who have claimed to be Indians fans and have enjoyed calling the Dolans cheap for more than a decade. Click here for the whole story
Some thoughts on the Indians signing of Edwin Encarnacion 
The Cleveland Indians came within two runs of winning their first World Series since 1948. They did that without their best position player from 2014 and 2015, without their second best starting pitching, getting garbage time innings from their third best starting pitching in the World Series but not in the first two rounds.

Then they went ahead and added essentially the 2nd best power hitter in the American League since 2014 in terms of homers for an unprecedented amount of money for their organization in Edwin Encarnacion. A lot of factors were in play with this decision. But, essentially, the Indians upgrade Napoli to Encarnacion, should get Brantley back in the lineup, which would be adding two All-Star level hitters. Click here for the whole story
Storm struggles against Walsh falling 73-62 

(PAINESVILLE, OH) - The Lake Erie College Storm women’s basketball team returned to action on Saturday against the visiting Walsh University Cavaliers at the Osborne Center in Painesville.

Things did not go well early in the first quarter for the Storm as the Cavaliers took a 15-10 lead with 4:28 remaining in the first quarter. The lead only increased as the period continued and as the buzzer sounded to end the period Walsh held a 22-16 lead. One of the problems in the period was that the Storm shot a miserable 38.5% (5-13) while Walsh shot 47.1% (8-17). Walsh also outrebounded the Storm 12-8.

Things did not improve in the second quarter as the Cavaliers increased their lead to 10 at 39-29. Lake Erie’s shooting percentage plummeted even further in the second dropping to 36.4% (4-11). The Storm’s Kayla Gabor led all scorers at the break with 10 points. Shelby Henkel led the Cavaliers with nine points.  Click here for the whole story