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2017 Indians preseason prospect rankings

Author's notes: I decided not to do a pre-season prospect ranking list last year because I didn't see enough of the system in 2015 and didn't feel I had enough information and observations to write something worth reading. I didn't get a chance to do a mid-season ranking and I at least saw enough games this year to do a list for 2017.

A couple of caveats about this list/ranking; I won't rank a player I either haven't seen or haven't had enough reports on, which is why you won't see players like Brady Aiken, Will Benson and Nolan Jones among others on my initial list. Below the list I'll offer a few thoughts on notable players I don't have ranked here. I just feel more comfortable rankings players I've seen and have good information on. If I have neither, then my ranking doesn't provide something that's worth reading. Additionally, any player that has appeared in a big league game also won't be on my list (i.e. Erik Gonzalez, Adam Plutko, Shawn Armstrong) Click here for the whole story
Sports Podcast with Tim Shirer.  We talk about the Lake County Captains, Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers 06-25-2017   
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What is the current state of the Indians?
Opinion by Justin Lada

Beginning an article about the state of the Cleveland Indians is difficult because I'm not sure if the Indians know where they are.

While it's currently June 9 and is no longer early, there's also a lot of reasons to not panic about the Indians 29-28 record and the issues that have brought them to this point.

E For Effort?

It would be incredibly easy for me to say "the Indians just aren't giving enough effort" or "someone needs to light a fire under them." Or one of those lazy cliches. Indians Manager Terry Francona has made what read as subtle jabs at effort or focus such as his comments after the Saturday loss to Kansas City saying that wasn't nearly good enough and then again after their loss to Colorado Wednesday saying he hopes they realize how important every game is and that the only thing they are consistent with is being inconsistent. Click here for the whole story
Big Market bias is real, Aaron Judge is not the face of baseball
Opinion by Tim Shirer
There has been a lot of talk recently in the national media, mainly ESPN, FOX and MLB Network that Aaron Judge is the new face of baseball. Let me say something first before I give my opinion on who is the face of baseball. I think Aaron Judge, from what I have seen and heard is a nice young man and a good baseball player.

With that being said, Aaron Judge is not the new face of baseball. The only reason at all that the media is saying this is because he plays for the New York Yankees. Media outlets like the three mentioned above, constantly kiss the derrieres of the Big Market teams. So therefore, Judge naturally is their favorite player right now. They have completely forgotten who the real faces of baseball are. Click here for the whole story
Dragons top Captains in extra inning slug fest 8-7 

          TIM SHIRER
The Lake County Captains pounded the Dayton Dragons 10-1 on Friday night in front of a large crowd. There was another large crowd of 7,827 in attendance at Classic Park on Saturday night. Unfortunately, the Captains fell short in an extra innings slug fest 8-7.

The Dragons struck early in the first inning with two runs off Captains starting pitcher Luis Jimenez.

The Dragons added a run in the third and two more in the fourth inning. The first run in the fourth inning came on a solo home run by Taylor Sparks. The home run by Sparks was his first home run of the season and gave the Dragons a 4-0 lead. The Dragons added another run to increase their lead to 5-0.  Click here for the whole story