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Guardians front office has given up on the season and sent a bad message to fans and the locker room 
Opinion by Tim Shirer

For those who know me, I mean actually know me and have had actually conversations with me in person know that I am pretty much a defender of the Cleveland Guardians organization.

Well with that being said some things can’t be defended and the moves made at the trade deadline by the team absolutely are a perfect example of that.
First off, the fan base for this team is weak and fickle. The casual fan has no clue about how a baseball team runs from top to bottom. The fans who pay attention a lot have not been happy for years with ownership not spending money. For the first time in years the team’s attendance has been up, they have been selling out games as recently as the last homestand.  Click here for whole story

The Cleveland media once again trying to diminish a Cleveland team that isn't the Browns  
Opinion by Tim Shirer
Does the Cleveland media always have to diminish everything the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Guardians do? The latest thing is this, “This is the first playoff appearance the Cavs had had since 1998 without LeBron James.” Putting fourth two narratives, 1) that the franchise stinks overall and 2) That LeBron James was so good and nobody else mattered therefore the championship he won here doesn’t really count because he was on the team.  Click here for the whole story
The NBA All-Star game has become completely unwatchable and a promotion of certain teams  
Opinion by Tim Shirer

The NBA All-Star game has become a complete and total farce. It’s hard to describe what it has become without using phrases like “a mess,” “a complete joke,” “completely unwatchable,” “9 team lovefest”.
I know a lot of people don’t want to hear “The way it used to be” stories, if you are one of them you might want to stop reading now.   Click here for the whole story
Guardians front office leaving fans to wonder, will the future ever be now?  
Opinion by Tim Shirer
On Monday, the Cleveland Guardians assigned first base prospect Kyle Manzardo to their minor league camp. The power hitting first baseman Manzardo was acquired by the Guardians at the trade deadline for Aaron Civale last season when the team was one and a half games behind the first place Minnesota Twins. Civale at the time was the team’s best pitcher with injuries to Shane Bieber and Triston McKenzie. General Manager Mike Chernoff and team President Chris Antonetti took a lot of heat from the already disgruntled fan base and the media that already treat the team like a stepchild to the Browns.  Click here for the whole story
Cavaliers give homecourt advantage back to Celtics with 106-93 loss 
​          BY TIM SHIRER
(CLEVELAND, OH) - Thursday night in Boston the Cleveland Cavaliers did something that few outside of the organization thought they could do. They stole game two of their second round series with the Boston Celtics in Boston at TD Garden in a blowout 118-94.    Click here for the whole story