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Guardians front office has given up on the season and sent a bad message to fans and the locker room 
Opinion by Tim Shirer

For those who know me, I mean actually know me and have had actually conversations with me in person know that I am pretty much a defender of the Cleveland Guardians organization.

Well with that being said some things can’t be defended and the moves made at the trade deadline by the team absolutely are a perfect example of that.
First off, the fan base for this team is weak and fickle. The casual fan has no clue about how a baseball team runs from top to bottom. The fans who pay attention a lot have not been happy for years with ownership not spending money. For the first time in years the team’s attendance has been up, they have been selling out games as recently as the last homestand.  Click here for whole story
Willoughby South poised to make a jump with their record in 2023 
(WILLOUGHBY, OH) — "There's no place like home". Something I just said to myself out loud while pulling up to Willoughby South High School. A place where I graduated from 20 years ago. A place where I also poured my heart and soul onto the field of Harry E. Winters Stadium as a player of the same program. Some things are wildly different. A new high school building. A renovated sta-dium and turf field. Some gray in my hair (or what’s left of it). Some things, however, were exactly the same. Especially as I walked up to talk to Head Coach Matt Duffy who when I played exactly 21 years ago was the defensive coordinator. This year will mark Coach Duffy's 20th year as head coach of South. We embraced and as the players were walking onto the field. He let me know I had access to anything I wanted, and we both got to work.  Click here for the whole story

The Cleveland media once again trying to diminish a Cleveland team that isn't the Browns  
Opinion by Tim Shirer
Does the Cleveland media always have to diminish everything the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Guardians do? The latest thing is this, “This is the first playoff appearance the Cavs had had since 1998 without LeBron James.” Putting fourth two narratives, 1) that the franchise stinks overall and 2) That LeBron James was so good and nobody else mattered therefore the championship he won here doesn’t really count because he was on the team.  Click here for the whole story
Riverside moves to 6-0 with blowout of Rebels  
(PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP, OH) - The Riverside Beavers rolled the Willoughby South Rebels on Friday 56-8 in their Homecoming game. South never had a chance dealing while dealing with a myriad of injuries, and the Beavers were their most dominant this year.

The Beavers coming into the game were ranked seventh in Division II in the state. Led by head coach Dave Bors, they are big, tough, and fast. You wouldn't expect anything less from a team that has Bryan Doberdruk as its strength and conditioning coach. Click here for the whole story
Red Raiders smack around Crestwood 49-16
(MANTUA, OH) — Coming off an emotional home game, the Raiders took on the Crestwood Red Devils in a Week 6 Matchup!

Harvey started the night as they usually do, handing the football off to their two headed monster in the backfield, Shahn Alston, and Chris Burt. The Raiders scored on their first two drives; the second drive was capped off by a 59-yard run by Alston where he ran over a Dev-ils defender.  Click here for the whole story
Sentinel Seven
High School Football
Power Rankings  
(WICKLIFFE, OH) - This our first ever Sentinel Seven High School Football Rankings. The top seven schools in Lake County will be ranked.
Rank Team W/L
1. Painesville Riverside 4-0
2. Perry 4-0
3. Kirtland 3-1
Click here for the complete seven