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Wickliffe native Isabelle  Goth has a whirlwind week twirling in Death Valley at the LSU game

August 31st brought the start of the new college football season, and for one college freshman the opportunity to do what she loves on one of college football’s biggest stage. Isabelle Goth, from Wickliffe Ohio, is a freshman this year at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. She is also a member of the GSU Band and performs as a majorette; something she did for four years at Wickliffe. When the football team traveled to Baton Rouge to take on South East Conference (SEC) powerhouse LSU, they brought the entire band with them. Performing in front of crowds is nothing new to Isabelle, she has performed at half time of Cleveland Cavaliers games, she has performed in hundreds of competitions, and of course at Wickliffe home games; however, none of those compared to the 97,000+ fans who showed up for opening night in Death Valley.

After spending the morning and early afternoon touring New Orleans the band boarded their buses and headed north to Baton Rouge, a police escort brought them to the stadium. Isabelle said she was in awe as they entered the stadium and did admit she had a case of the nerves. She said those all went away once she hit the field to perform; no doubt due to the hard work and countless hours she put in to get to this point. What made this even more special for Isabelle was she was not alone. Her mother and brother made the trip down to Baton Rouge from Wickliffe, as did her aunt from Arkansas. Other friends and families were watching the SEC Network in hopes of catching a glimpse of the half-time show, unfortunately none materialized, and they had to live the moment through the pictures and videos being placed on social media.

After the game Isabelle said it was the coolest thing she has ever done, and that she had a lot of fun. The smile on her face throughout the half-time routine indicated her enjoyment. Upon returning to Georgia after the game, they were all required to evacuate the campus due to hurricane Dorian’s projected path along the east coast. One of her teammates, who lives in Augusta, offered to take Isabelle and another majorette from New York City home with her since they had no other place to go. In one week, Isabelle had the opportunity to twirl in Death Valley, was evacuated due to a hurricane, and played pool for the first time. Not a bad first week of college. Other then a possible bowl game, the LSU game is the only game the band travels to during this year. Next year they will be heading to Mississippi and the following year to Arkansas.
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POSTED 09-06-2019 17:25

Georgia Southern University Twirler Isabelle Goth (center) marching at the LSU/Georgia Southern game at LSU on 08-31-2019