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Representatives Rogers and Cera sponsor bill to expand Homestead Tax Exemption 

(COLUMBUS, OH) – State Representatives John Rogers (D- Mentor-On-The-Lake) and Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) provided sponsor testimony this week on House Bill 99, legislation that expands the eligibility for the Homestead Tax Exemption while also increasing the amount of the deduction.

The legislation as introduced would lower the property tax burden of retirees and disabled adults by reducing the taxable value of their home and therefore what they must pay in property taxes. House Bill 99 also increases the eligibility for the tax deduction by increasing the means test threshold of eligibility from $32,800 a year to $60,000 for retired couples. Homeowners eligible for this tax exemption would see an average annual increase in savings from the current $498 per year to $597.

“While Ohio continues to see an ever increasing population of retirees, the number of households eligible to take advantage of this tax exemption continues to decline,” said Rogers. “This legislation would reverse that trend while helping more of our seniors and disabled Ohioans to be independent and remain in their homes. Many of our constituents have called and written on this issue, as they deal with the rising costs of everyday needs.”

“This legislation gives more seniors and disabled homeowners a tax break. It helps restore more tax fairness for Ohio’s elderly and disabled,” said Cera.

The bill awaits further action in the House Ways and Means Committee.
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POSTED 11/07/2019 11:28