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Trump voters, true traitors
Opinion by Tim Shirer
I must ask this question again. How can you people that voted for Donald Trump look at yourselves in the mirror and not vomit. The fact that you elected this complete piece of garbage to be our president is inexcusable. Don't tell me that you voted for him for a certain reason and not all the other horrible things he believed in. If you didn't realize what a piece of complete garbage that Donald Trump is before you voted for him, then you are a complete piece of garbage.  

The reason I consider you a piece of garbage is because, you don't think the constant lies and misconduct that go on in the White House are wrong. I can understand the people who voted for him that are alcoholics and drug users, because obviously you have had some problems that have effected your thinking and in some cases turned you into racist, gay bashing, treasonous Trump voters, so I guess it's understandable why you voted for him. I guess it's even somewhat understandable for the religious right, because you spew hate in the name of religion, everyone is a sinner except for you, your family and your lunchtime hooker, so of course Trump would be your choice. 

But what about the rest of you, that I thought were common sense thinkers and you voted for this horrible human being named Donald Trump. Are you happy now that every single day he is making our country look like a complete joke to the rest of the world? A lot of you fly the confederate flag. Why would you do that? Are you just hateful? Do you understand that the Confederate flag, just like the NAZI Flag is a symbol of hate? No this is not a bad comparison, it is the absolute truth. When you fly the confederate flag you are supporting a foreign enemy government of the United States of America. You people call yourself patriots. You are not patriots, but traitors. 

This is a guy who, by all accounts (and of course you people continue to believe it’s fake news, but believe every lie about Hillary Clinton) who worked with the Russians to at the least effect the U.S. Presidential campaign. You people are the definition of hypocrites. You will continue to ignore the collusion with Russia, but bring up the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal every chance you get. Hillary Clinton using a private email server effected nothing. But you will never admit that. Think about it for a second, well it might take some of you a few minutes or hours, but just think about it, you are supporting a guy who is in collusion with RUSSIA.

So, let me get this straight, you people enjoy flying confederate flags (enemy of the United States of America). You think It’s ok that your president is in collusion with Russia (enemy of the United States). What’s next for you Trump supporters? Are you going to start flying the North Korean flag in your front yards?

I'm sure there might be some of you out there that realized what a stupid mistake you made on election day, but you are just as bad if not worse than the people who think they made the right choice. Because now you are silent. I'm sure this is for the typical Republican reason, you think it's a sign of weakness to admit you made a mistake. We all know that you made a mistake. Believe it or not the rest of us who are suffering because of your mistake will think more of you if you admit what an idiot you were on November 8, 2016.

I hope that nobody on the right that voted for Donald Trump is offended by this commentary. But I know you won’t be, because you constantly tell those of us on the left how weak we are and how tough you are. So therefore, none of you should be snowflakes and be offended. If you are offended, maybe I can get you a safety pin..
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Posted 08/01/2017 20:18