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Over fifty percent of Lake County's registered voters voted early this year
(PAINESVILLE, OH) – Early voting is almost over in Lake County and Election Day is tomorrow. As of 4:00 p.m. today 82,127 registered voters in Lake County have voted early. This number includes both absentee ballots returned and people who voted in person at the county board of elections building in Painesville.

There are 163,933 voters in Lake County, that is up 4.96% from 2016 when there were 155,817 voters registered in the county.

118,729 people which was 76.19% of the registered voters voted in in 2016. So far 50.09% of registered voters this year have casted ballots early. Leaving 81,806 registered voters who could potentially vote tomorrow.

Of the 82,127 who have voted early in this election 50,577 have voted by absentee ballots. 31,550 have voted in person in Painesville at the BOE.
Most expect the percentage of registered voters that vote to be higher this cycle than it was in 2016. But if it is the same and 76.19% of Lake County registered voters vote total this year that means only 42,786 will go to the polls in person, but that could grow to 81,806 if every voter in the county 100% decides to vote in this election.
As for info on the 2016 election as a guide to how Lake County could vote in this year’s election. Donald J. Trump won Lake County 54.83% (64,255 votes) and Hillary Clinton received 39.59% (46,397 votes).

Interestingly in 2018 in the U.S. Senate race in Lake County between Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Jim Renacci, Brown received 52.03% (49,276 votes) of the vote and Renacci received 47.84% (45,313 votes) giving Brown the victory in Lake County and keeping his seat in the U.S. Senate.

We will find out tomorrow night if Lake County is blue or red. At this point it is anyone’s guess. 
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POSTED 11/02/2020 17:13