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Trump's White House aide's comments about John McCain do not surprise me at all
Opinion by Tim Shirer
I want to start this commentary, editorial, opinion piece, which by the rights of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America I have the write to publish.

I haven’t written a commentary in quite a while, since I had mine and my son’s life threatened on social media by Trump Supporters #MAGA as they like to be called. Don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid of those nuts for one second, not one bit. But the stress their hateful platform brings, is something I wanted to do without for a while, that was the reason for the hiatus. But with the events of this week I felt it was time to return to the fray.

Where do I start with my opinion? Well I guess I’ll start with the second worst thing to come out of the White House this week, (The reason what I am about to write about is second, is because President Trump backing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal will affect billions of people worldwide, so that I rank that first as the worst thing to come out of the White House this week.) the horrible, but Trump like comment by White House Special Assistant Kelly Sadler about Arizona Senator and Vietnam War Hero John McCain. The comment really angered me, but the more I thought about it, it really isn’t surprising at all, not one bit. The fact that Sadler said that McCain’s opinion on CIA Director Nominee Gina Haspel doesn’t matter “Because he’s dying anyway.” Is pathetic and truly sad, but once again it does not surprise me one bit. The fact the White House has not released a statement on it or that Sadler has not been fired doesn’t surprise me at all either. The reason it doesn’t surprise me, is because her horrible comments are exactly how most Trump voters and supporters think. Trump, and most of his supporters represent the worst of our society. Man’s inhumanity to man is no doubt is what the Trump supporter lives for “the cruel behavior that people show to each other”. This is Trump and his supporter’s goal in life. Anyone who isn’t a family member or in their inner circle deserves zero respect in their view. They have proven this time and time again, by their comments and brutal behavior toward other people. Anyone who disagrees with them they believe should be completely silenced by whatever method possible. If they can’t silence them they belittle them by calling them middle school type names. The best part of that strategy is they cannot handle when a person like me fights back against them. They love to refer to liberals as “Snowflakes” another guy who claims not to be a Trump supporter recently referred to me as a “Keyboard Warrior”. He said he couldn’t wait until he saw me the next time in person and we will talk about it. Well, the next time I saw him in person was at a social event in our city and he stayed on the other side of the banquet room the entire night. The only contact I had with him was when friend and I were leaving, and the friend stopped to talked to him. He claimed the reason he didn’t talk to me before that is because he didn’t want any trouble at the charity fundraiser we were attending. I could understand that. The part I couldn’t understand is if he’s so tough and I am a “Keyboard Warrior” I wouldn’t have caused trouble because I would be afraid of him, right? We know the real “Keyboard Warrior” and it’s not me. When I see people in person I don’t shy away from what I write on social media I talk about it like an adult, I don’t ignore it. Even though this guy “claims” he isn’t a Trump supporter, he represents the way they think.
So, don’t be surprised if Sadler keeps her job in the west wing. I mean the lying Kellyanne Conway still has her job.

This is what the supposed “moral right” has become. Attacking a dying war hero, I know they “Like people who weren’t captured.” These people have hit the moral bottom. I’m sure many people will read this who support Trump and think I am horrible. But here’s what I say back to them, you can call me horrible all you want, but I didn’t vote for the current and without a doubt worst, corrupt, morally vacant president that ever occupied the Oval Office, no, that’s on you.

As one Trump supporter recently said to me of her family member when things weren’t going well for them, “I wish the country could just catch a break.”

Like I said previously this commentary is an exercise of my first amendment rights. But we know Trump supporters would like to take the first amendment away. They only care about the second amendment.
tshirer@lakecountysentinel.com or follow Tim on Twitter @IndiansTim
Posted 05/11/2018 23:01