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Lake County Sentinel
I remember when Independence Day stood for something 
Opinion by Tim Shirer
I remember when July 4, was a day to celebrate the United States independence, our freedom, the fact we were a democracy, with freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Well I don't feel that way today. I see what our country has become. This is not the America I grew up loving and being thankful I was a citizen of.

On November 8, 2016, 62,984,828 people took that freedom away from the rest of us. The sad part is they aren't even a majority of the population. But they are not the only people to blame that we have lost our freedom. We lost our freedom because of the millions of voters who stayed home on Nov 8 and took their freedom for granted and didn't exercise their right to vote.

It is absolutely shameful that because of a bunch of greedy, racists and lazy people we now basically have Donald Trump a dictator running the country, aided by henchmen Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell who have lost all sense of what being a good American is so they can keep a stranglehold on their power.

So, there are no excuses, none. Don't tell me that there are some things Trump makes sense on, because that doesn't justify everything else he has done like ignore the constitution and destroy the government structure that the forefathers created, which in case you forgot is why we are having this holiday today.

So, if you voted for Donald Trump you are a fake Patriot, your excuses for voting for him have cost us our freedoms and the blood is entirely on your hands and those who were lazy and did not vote. If you voted for Donald Trump don't ever tell me you love America, you don't know what being a good American is anymore, you are a greedy, racist, it's that simple. You are in favor of dictators, you were aided by a communist country who has been our enemy for decades, don't ever tell me you are a good American, because you are not.

Your power grab for reasons of money, hating a person’s sexual preference and a person’s skin color or immigration status are disgraceful. You have brought such disgrace to our once great country. A country you claim to love. Your false claim is among the most disgusting things I have ever witnessed in my life.

You claim to love the flag, but you disgrace it every chance you get by wearing it on clothing which according to the rules of the flag set forth by the constitution is something that is disrespecting the flag.

Your hatred of the media is the biggest red flag that you support dictatorships. The first thing a dictator does is destroy the press and mold it to the press they want to further their agenda, this is exactly what the current president has done and those of you that voted for him support this dictator-strong man tactic 100%.

There is absolutely no way people that supported and voted for Donald Trump should be celebrating Independence Day today. Because you do not believe in FREEDOM, you just don’t, you are narcissists and you only believe in what’s good for you, you believe in communism and dictators. Let’s hope that freedom and independence is restored on November 3, 2020 and the hateful greedy racist that is in control of our country today will thrown out of office.

I want my country back. 
tshirer@lakecountysentinel.com or follow Tim on Twitter @IndiansTim
Posted 07/04/2019 15:26