Who cares what the national media says about Baker Mayfield, enjoy the team's success
Opinion by Tim Shirer
Since the Browns lost their season opener on Sunday afternoon with the AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs people have been debating whether Baker Mayfield is an “elite” quarterback or if he is not. My thought is who cares if he is an elite QB or not. He is an incredibly good QB and that should be enough.

Mayfield played really well on Sunday. I have become aware of what a good QB Mayfield is over the last three seasons plus Sunday. I was not a fan when the Browns drafted him. I still believe that Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are better QBs. Browns fans hate to hear that. But the truth is the truth. But that does not mean that Mayfield is not a really good QB, because he is. He is incredibly good. He played very well on Sunday.

If anyone blames him for the loss, they lack football knowledge. The interception that he threw at the end of the game was an attempt to make a play. That is his job to make a play. If he completes that pass and the Browns go down the field to score those same people who are ripping him who be calling him a hero for leading the Browns to a week one win over the defending AFC champions.

What I don’t understand is why it bothers Browns fans so much what the national media thinks of Baker Mayfield? Who cares what ESPN thinks of him? Most of the people who criticize him on ESPN are not former NFL players or coaches (aside from Rex Ryan) and probably do not know one end of a football from the other.

I have criticized the Browns very much in the last twenty-two season which I believe that have deserved. But with that being said, that will not stop me from looking at the Browns and their recent success objectively. It has only been one season and one playoff win but it’s a start, right? The atmosphere around the football staff is moving in the right direction, everything is positive. After multiple missteps, the Haslam’s seem to have figured things out are now letting the football people make the decisions.

The fact that a good front office is in place and team has the reigning coach of the year in Kevin Stefanski should be enough for fans to just be happy and enjoy the ride the franchise is currently experiencing right? I guess not in Cleveland.
It’s time to get over it people and stop worrying about what the national media thinks about Mayfield. As for Cleveland fans there are always going to be fans who dislike players for whatever reason. Those people who do not believe in Mayfield at this point never will. That’s just how it is in life, some people will never change their opinions because they feel it is a weakness to admit they’re wrong. I have no problem admitting that picking him was a good decision now.

If the Browns can win a Super Bowl at some point with Mayfield, he will shut all of the critics up, but until then, how about we just ignore them and understand they do not really matter.
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​POSTED 09/15/2021 12:22
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