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James A. Garfield Historical Site, a national treasure in our own backyard 
"I have lived in the area since February 2012 and have driven down Mentor Avenue many times 
without really considering the majestic house that sits on the large lot at 8095 Mentor Ave. This is surprising because deep down I am a history buff; I have a picture of my 1 year old son at Gen Patton's grave and I once took my pregnant wife on a tour of the Verdun battlefield in France - that was not a good idea. That all changed when I was asked by Tim Shirer the Publisher of the Lake County Sentinel to accompany him on a tour of the President Garfield Historical Site to take pictures with him for an article.  Click here for the whole story
28 years of crossing "her kids" comes to an end for Wickliffe's Vicki Hill  

For 28 years Vicki Hill has walked back and forth across Lincoln Rd. in Wickliffe approximately 250,000 times. She was the crossing guard at Wickliffe Elementary (formerly Lincoln Elementary 1923-1982). She crossed “her kids” in warm, hot, cold, blistering cold, sunny, rainy, and snowy weather with care.

Friday was the last day of school for Wickliffe Elementary School students and the end of the 28 year journey for Vicki. It was also the end of the road for venerable Wickliffe Elementary as the school will close after 101 years.   Click here for the whole story

New Campus of Wickliffe brings the city to the forefront of what modern school should look like 

Friday afternoon the Lake County Sentinel had a chance to tour the new Campus of Wickliffe. The new campus, which will be the new Pre-K thru 12 campus for Wickliffe City Schools, is replacing Wickliffe Elementary, Wickliffe Middle and Wickliffe High School.

The three schools that are being replaced were a combined 260+ years old. The Middle School opened in the early 1900’s, the Elementary School opened in 1923 and the High School in 1958.  Click here for the whole story
Ohio voters pass Issues 2, Marijuana now legal 
If you went to your polling place to vote in Ohio on Tuesday, the two biggest is-sues were issue 1 which was to amend the state's constitution protecting abortions and issue 2 which was to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Both issues passed. Click here for the whole story
Cavaliers give homecourt advantage back to Celtics with 106-93 loss 
(CLEVELAND, OH) - Thursday night in Boston the Cleveland Cavaliers did something that few outside of the organization thought they could do. They stole game two of their second round series with the Boston Celtics in Boston at TD Garden in a blowout 118-94.   Click here for the whole story