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*NEW*Big time Little League Baseball has arrived in Painesville*NEW*
*NEW*It's time for something to change in the Indians NON-Baseball front office*NEW*
*NEW*A comparison of baseball levels*NEW*
Lake Erie College to leave the GLIAC and join the G-MAC
Cavaliers GM says team expects to keep James, Love and Thompson
Rockefeller Road Revue is now "Generation Text"
Browns sign Josh McCown, here's my take Opinion by Jeremy Somerville
Cavaliers Blatt not big fan of "Litmus Test"
Our World....It's About Time By Adam Dodd .... The President Presses Congress for Expanded War Powers Against ISIS
Joe Haden named Special Olympics Global Ambassador
Tribe attendance still a mystery Opinion by Eddy Jansen
Our World....It's About Time By Adam Dodd - 01/22/2015
Rumors of demise of LeBron & Cavs are greatly Exaggerated
Source: Indians make contract offer to James Shields
Some things never change for the Browns and their fans
Cavaliers trade for big man, fall to Rockets 105-93
Whole New Ballgame
Two of the smaller schools in Lake County represent very nicely in baseball
Annual “Summerland” Tour to visit Cleveland
Shivering Timbers "Sing, Sing" to Us
Red Dragon Cartel Rears it's Head
All Clint Frazier needs to do is be Clint Frazier
Local softball community once again comes together to help young athlete
Whoa Man! Chris Hatton & the Italian Sound Machine releases “Womown”
Local Boy Makes Bad – Cleveland’s Issa Brings Shame to GOP  Opinion by Larry Durstin
Ballroom Dance  with Andrew Calori Jr.,  Confidence in Ballroom Dancing
.“The Wait” is finally over for Runaway Dorothy.
ZZ Ward Droppin' Caskets and an Incredible Album
Kasich is Good Bet for 2016 Ticket  Opinion by Larry Durstin
Reading is NOT Electronically Fundemental
True Lies: “….And That’s The Way It Is(n’t)….”


“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

~Mark Twain

It’s been reported that over 9 million people watched NBC news anchor Brian Williams, who is currently serving a six-month suspension without pay, on a nightly basis. The statistic that hasn’t been dropped and will remain unknowable is how many of those actual viewers will give Williams a mulligan, if indeed the network does, after his comeuppance concludes. Was he being spurious the entire time? What other stories did he twist like hell? How many times did he gild the lily?  Click here for the whole story



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National News
Commander Kirk returns to Senate
Congress passes bill to avoid fiscal cliff
Drew Holcomb shines a "Good Light"
Thor Platter is ‘Looking for Sunshine’
Cavaliers quiet Thunder with 108-98 win
Blue Devils win thriller 9-8 to advance in sectionals


Feature Stories
For Lake Erie Storm coach Bob Booher success is more than just numbers
Bill Levy; Creating unlikely Captains fans
Brad Sims joins Cavaliers as Senior VP & CRO
Understanding the Language 
Begin, Lennon and St. Coleman: A View From Outside the Church Opinion by Larry Durstin
A changed Obama roars for Obama


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