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Cardinal sinks Fairport's ship 66-0
The Cardinals Huskies dominated the Fairport Skippers in every aspect of the game, including special teams which showed right from the kickoff as Huskies Senior Anthony Soltis returned the opening kick for a touchdown. This set the tone for the night as the Huskies ran over the host Skippers 66-0. 

Then just two minutes later Soltis score again catching at 37-yard touchdown pass from Sophomore Quarterback Logan Strever. Then just five more short minutes the Huskies scored again this time on a 1-yard touchdown run by Senior Running back Zachary Czako the score was well on it’s with the Huskies already leading 21-0. That's how the 1st quarter ended. 

The second quarter was very similar, as the Huskies scored just two minutes in increasing their lead to 28-0 as QB Logan Strever ran for the 10-yard touchdown. 

Less than two minutes later Cardinal scored again on a 52-yard touchdown run by Junior Joshua Soltis the game was now an official blow out with the score 35-0 and the running clock was now in effect. Just a minute and half later the Huskies scored again on a run from Senior Tight End John Robert Kochy going 69 yards to the end zone extending the advantage to 42-0. 

A little later in the quarter Junior Ethan Detweiler ran 30 yards to get a touchdown of his own the gap was now 49-0. Then with 1:19 left on the first half clock Zachary Czako scored again for the Huskies improving their lead to a gaudy 56-0 at the half. 

Then the second half would be less eventful as the Huskies wouldn't score until they converted a field goal with 3:31 left in the 3rd quarter with the lead now at 59 points. Cardinal did score one more time making the final score 66-0 and sending the Skippers to 0-3. 

Fairport takes on the Wickliffe Blue Devils (1-2) next. The Blue Devils were shut out 42-0 by Painesville Harvey tonight. The game will next Friday at Memorial Stadium at 7 p.m.
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​POSTED 09/04/2021 23:41
Fairport Harding against Cardinal.                                               Photo by Kayla Sharpe