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Lake County Sentinel 2020 Election Endorsements 
On Tuesday America will go to the polls to not only elect a new president and other officials that will serve at the national level, but also at the local level. Every single race is important whether it’s a local city council race all the way up to the president of the United States. The Sentinel has a history of endorsing candidates. Candidates of all parties as well as independents. This year will be no different. So here we go.

President of the United States: Joe Biden is who get’s our endorsement this year. We have all watched for the last for years and have seen what Donald J. Trump has done to the United States and has destroyed the dignity of the office of the President of the United States. He has handled the COVID-19 pandemic in the absolute worst way possible, lying about it every step of the way. As Trump supporters enjoy saying “No more bullshit”. Well I agree with them, no more bullshit, it is time to elect Joe Biden and end the bullshit of Donald J. Trump and the most corrupt administration in the history of the U.S. Presidency.

14th Congressional District: Hillary O'Connor Mueri. She is the only choice, because incumbent David Joyce is a fake, just like the president he supports. Joyce told us when he ran to replace Steven LaTourette that he would be a bipartisan and vote for what is right and not along party lines. That is a complete and total lie, he is as partisan as it comes and supports Donald J. Trump every step of the way. Joyce needs to be out of office as soon as possible.

State Representative 60th District:  Daniel P. Troy is the clear choice in this race. I have witnessed George Phillips do his job in the past and if he goes about his duties as a state rep in the same way we are in trouble. Troy is really the only choice here.

Lake County Commissioner: You can vote for two and the choice is once again clear, John M. Rogers and James R. Dugan are what is right for Lake County. Especially in the case of John M. Rogers, he has years of experience in Lake County and deeply cares about the residents here. Elect these two men and they can get Lake County back on the right track.

Lake County Treasurer:  Incumbent Lorraine M. Fende.

Wickliffe City Council Ward 2:  Once again as in all the other races we have made endorsements the choice here is truly clear and it is Randy Gerhardstein. Randy is an honorable man, who cares very deeply not only about the citizens of Ward 2 but of the entire city and will fight in council for the best path for the citizens of Wickliffe. Gerhardstein is the only candidate in this race that I am 100% will fight for citizens whether they voted for him or not. Randy believes in one Wickliffe and not a divided Wickliffe like there is at the present time. Randy has vowed that if elected to city council he will work with the Mayor, whomever it is to do what is best for the citizens of Wickliffe. It is absolutely time to get Wickliffe back on the right track and with Randy as the Ward 2 councilman I believe that is exactly what will happen.
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​POSTED 10/31/2020 19:15